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Past Exhibits

I can well remember that...

summer 2020

“I can well remember that...”: The Spanish Flu in Strathcona County, shares first-hand accounts of life in the Strathcona County area during the 1918 Influenza Pandemic.

Winter Days

winter 2020

Winter Days, explores winter leisure in Strathcona County from days gone by. Objects, oral histories, and photographs share stories from the past that ring with familiar chimes.

If I Build a Story

fall 2021

"I started building models at eight, sparked by my mom's gift of a US Navy Cutlass jet fighter. It became a lifelong passion, keeping my mind sharp. My WWII dioramas are a tribute to my family's military service."

- Barry Getschel


by Tracey-Mae Chambers

summer 2022

Created by Métis artist Tracey-Mae Chambers, the #hopeandhealingcanada project installations highlight how the past is shared in Canada, asking viewers to consider how our relationships to these stories and each other can be broadened and decolonized.

Winter Games

winter 2023

Explore the sports featured in #SOA2023 and connections to the County in WINTER GAMES


Thank you to our contributors: Games ambassadors Evan, Madison and Declan, Strathcona County Recreation, Parks and Culture, and Sherwood Bowl.

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