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Wonder what it was like to be a Strathcona County settler? From the General Store to the Schoolhouse, The Vignettes peer into the County’s rural roots.

Indigenous Peoples' Gallery 

Learn from members of our local First Nations and Métis communities through artwork, stories, and objects. Featuring  Aaron Paquette’s immersive mural, The Past Shows Us The Way and Shakihi: The Art of Connie Kulhavy.


First Responders Gallery 

Fire Hall Temporarily Closed for Renovations 


Did you know we are housed within the old RCMP station and fire hall? Step inside a jail cell, meet the Red Hot Mammas, and take your photo with Sparky the Fire Dog.

Natural History Gallery 

 Temporarily Closed for Renovations 

Learn more about your place in Strathcona County’s natural history, from the great outdoors to your own backyard.


Discover new and exciting exhibits about Strathcona County and beyond.

Exhibits Gallery 

The Art of Connie Kulhavy

The Library 

library promo photo_edited.jpg

Gather in a space for learning and sharing. Uncover archival materials, peruse local histories, or snuggle in on the Bug Rug with a children's book.  

The Vignette Gallery 

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