Strathma's Month of Medieval Days! 

Did thou know Sherwood Park used to host Medieval Days? 

Travel with us down memory lane as we explore the magic of Sherwood Park and its merriment!

Strathma presents Our Vintage Table, a cooking series that explores recipes from our collection. These recipes offer a glimpse at the unique lives of the county’s residents and the tables that were the gathering places of their homes.

Model maker Barry Getschel shares the inspiration and techniques behind his large collection of Second World War dioramas and models. The collection will be on exhibit at Strathma in 2021.

Thank you for the Community Attraction Award!
We are honoured to have been nominated in the company of such wonderful organizations. We are dedicated to sharing the stories and histories of our community and its residents. We love what we do and the support and acknowledgment of our community and peers make it all the more enjoyable. We would also like to thank the Sherwood Park & District Chamber of Commerce, its members, and sponsors.

Odyssey 3D Scanning and Virtual Tours visited us in 2019 & graciously put together a virtual tour of the museum. It has been a blast to explore the “old museum,” we say old because we have been busy changing & updating the “new strathma.”

Shane & his crew will be back to add the new changes, but until then, enjoy a look back at the museum from 2019 at