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Artist in Residence
Heather Shillinglaw

This series explores Heather Shillinglaw's Artist in Residence at Strathma, which aims to foster dialogue between settler/colonial and Indigenous perspectives for reconciliation and healing.

Learn about Heather's work at

Our Art, Our Stories!

Our series "Our Art, Our Stories" gives you a look at public art and the stories they tell in our community Strathcona County.

"We Build A Community"
You can’t miss the incredible (and MASSIVE!) mural on the side of the Moyer Recreation Centre, “We Build a Community”

From its Austrian origins, to its well-known events and sites, this piece of public art shares a
snapshot of Josephburg’s proud history!

Learn more here:

"Tribute to the Beaver Hills" & "One Hour in Time/ Indigo Children"
While our Strathma family likely knows about “The Past Shows Us The Way” by Aaron Paquette here at the museum, Indigenous art can be found at the Strathcona County Community Center.

Three pieces by Alex Janvier can be found in Centre in the Park. His works provide a beautiful visual representation of our home from the perspective of an Indigenous storyteller.
Learn more here:

"Prairie Sound Garden"

Not all art is painted or sculpted… sometimes it's made from the landscape itself!


The Prairie Sound Garden is an innovative art piece, comprised of boulders and an immersive soundscape, in Broadmoor Lake Park. It has us wondering what parts of nature are important to residents in the County?

Learn more here:

"The Stories of Ardrossan"

These two pieces at the Rec Center share the story of Ardrossan in different ways.


What are some other ways you can share the story of your home?


Learn more here:

"Lord Strathcona"


Located on the Heritage Mile, this statue of Lord Strathcona invites passers-by to consider what their community’s history means to them, and what gets placed on (literal) pedestals.


Learn more here:

"Limenitis Wall & Eyes on the Prize"


Strathcona County is home to multiple pieces of public art that pay homage to the native insects in the County.  Both the Limenitis Wall and Eyes on the Prize invite us to consider our smallest neighbours in new ways and teach us to appreciate their beauty and value to our environment!


Learn more here:

"Ardrossan Skate Park Murals"


Ardrossan Skate Park Murals


Some of the newest public art pieces in Strathcona County are the Ardrossan Skate Park Murals!


The murals covering the skatepark were designed with input and participation from local youth. The diversity of styles, motifs, and colours goes to show just how unique their stories and experiences of growing up in Ardrossan are sunny!

Learn more here:

"Strathcona County Museum Murals"


Strathcona County Museum Murals


Our museum is home to some beautiful art both inside and outside!


The incredible murals outside the museum were created by Kris Friesen. These pieces were commissioned to provide a visual representation of the different kinds of stories we tell inside, and to add some life and colour to the exterior of the building.

Learn more here:

"Gallery@501 Art"




We have reached the last stop on our public art tour around the County. What better place to finish off than our very own art gallery – Gallery@501!


Come and visit Gallery@501 in the Strathcona County Community Center to learn, to participate, or simply to enjoy some beautiful art. The exhibits are always changing, so there is always something new to see.


*Please note that The Strathcona Salon and Vicissitude exhibits featured this video are no longer on display.

Learn more here:

The Lake Land Loop!

Looking for something to do?  Why not explore Strathcona County!

Our series "The Lake Land Loop" explores the hidden gems of Strathcona County

Half Moon Lake

Antler Lake

North Cooking Lake

South Cooking Lake

Hastings Lake



Collingwood Cove

Sherwood Park

Strathma's Month of Medieval Days! 

Didst thou know Sherwood Park used to host Medieval Days? 

Travel with us down memory lane as we explore the magic of Sherwood Park and its merriment!

Strathma presents Our Vintage Table...

A cooking series that explores recipes from our collection. These recipes offer a glimpse at the unique lives of the county’s residents and the tables that were the gathering places of their homes.

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