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Our Strathcona County:
Image Gallery

What does Strathcona County mean to you?

Whether taken 100 years ago or today, we are looking for images that capture life in Strathcona County. Our goal is to tell the story of our home through your photographs.


From old album favorites to cell phone snapshots, show us what home means to you. 

Feel free to contact us to talk about your submission.

Our Strathcona County

Gallery Submission

• The images are your own work. Composited images that include public domain images or work by another photographer are not acceptable.
• You own all rights to the images.
• You take full responsibility for the content of all images, including the likeness of recognizable individuals.
Strathcona County Museum & Archives and The Strathcona County Heritage Foundation reserves full usage rights of all entries in perpetuity, without cost, for use in promotional materials, exhibition and program content, and research, in print and online.

To showcase a wide variety of images, the gallery will periodically cycle through photographs. You will be contacted when your photograph is selected for display.

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