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Hear stories, explore exhibits, and discover what belonging to a prairie community means.

 1.5 hrs. - $150.00 - 30 Students Max. 

Grade 1: Storytellers

Learn about our community through the stories of the past.

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Find out more about diverse and unique prairie communities and the people who settled in them. Discover how their communities have changed through the years.

Game-based learning exploring the roles of children of the past.

 2 hrs. - $200.00 - 30 Students Max. 

Grade 2: Prairie Play

Step back in time and be immersed in the daily life of a prairie child.

Lab Tutorial

Discover the link between our communities, environments and technology. Understand how natural geography and technology have shaped our way of life.  


Problem-solving and hands-on activities using Strathma artifacts and archives. Visit the “Shakihi” exhibit to learn more about Métis beading technologies and cultural practices.


2 hrs. - $200.00 - 30 Students Max. 

Grade 3: Hands on History

How is technology linked to environments and communities? 

Reading with Magnifying Glass

Learn about the secrets of the Beaver Hills and its amazing ecosystem. Hear the voices of residents from the past and picture their experiences. Get up close to artifacts and help our curator find clues about the stories they can tell us.


Tour our Collections Lab and learn about preserving stories for future generations.


2 hrs. - $200.00 - 30 Students Max. 

Grade 4: History Hunters

Step into the shoes of a Curator and discover Strathma’s hidden stories.

grade 5 fieldtrip.jpg

Learn about the critical decisions traders made along their journeys. Uncover the influence fur traders had on Indigenous communities through Métis culture and beading. See how the fur trade continues to shape the land through mapping and place names. 

Discover the wonders of the Beaver Hills and its inhabitants through interactive games.


2 hrs. - $200.00 - 30 Students Max. 

Grade 5: Trading Tales

Uncover the story of the fur trade and how it influenced the Beaver Hills and the people that lived within it.



Through an immersive mock vote, experience how local issues and decision-making can impact lives and community.


Appreciate how different perspectives, individual decisions, personal circumstances and identities can influence democratic outcomes.


2 hrs. - $200.00 - 30 Students Max. 

Grade 6: It's All About Democracy

The year is 1895…there’s a big decision to be made. Now what?

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