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Become a Volunteer

Why volunteer at Strathma?


  • Hands-On Experience: Work directly with artifacts, specimens, and archival documents.

  • Skill Development: Acquire cataloging, artifact handling, and database management skills.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with professionals in the field for career advancement.

  • Contribution to Community: Preserve and maintain cultural heritage, giving back to the community.

  • Educational Opportunities: Valuable and applicable museum and archives training.

  • Career Exploration: Explore a potential career in museums, archives, or cultural institutions.

  • Personal Growth: Develop problem-solving skills and confidence through diverse challenges.

  • Cultural Appreciation: Deepen appreciation for history, and cultural preservation.

  • Flexible Commitment: Accommodate volunteering around work or study schedules.


Collections & Archives

As a Volunteer Collections and Archives Assistant in our Collections Department, you'll be instrumental in maintaining, preserving, and showcasing the Museum's fascinating artifact and archive collections.

Responsibilities may include, but are not restricted to: transcribing oral histories; scanning and digitizing archival materials; aiding in the proper maintenance, handling, and storage of artifacts; conducting artifact photography; and engaging in artifact research and cataloging.


The Collections Department is currently not accepting new volunteers; however, you may submit an application to be added to the wait list for future opportunities.


  • Open to ages 16 and up

  • If under 18, parental consent required

  • Volunteers 18 and above need a free Criminal Record Check with a letter from us

  • Preference for long-term commitments

  • Ability to lift 50lbs is a plus

  • English language learners are welcome to apply

Shifts are available weekdays between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm. A minimum commitment of 2 hrs per week. Saturday’s shifts are available on case per case basis.

Programming & Outreach

As a Programming and Outreach Assistant at Strathma, you'll be instrumental in sharing the vibrant history of Strathcona County through hands-on programs and activities.



Responsibilities may encompass, but are not restricted to: assisting in the delivery of on-site programs, supporting delivery of off-site exhibit displays at Farmers’ Markets and community events, delivering outdoor Strathma Explorers programs, and interacting with members of the public.


Want to join the Programming and Outreach team? Please fill out an application.


  • Open to ages 14 and up (if under 18, parental consent required)

  • Volunteers 18 and above must provide a Criminal Record Check (free with a letter from us)

  • Must be able to get to and from event/ program locations independently

Off-site events will be offered at a variety of locations. These may include, but are not limited to: the Strathcona County Community Centre, Emerald Hills (Canadian Tire parking lot), Broadmoor Lake Park, South Cooking Lake Community Hall, and Ardrossan Memorial Hall.

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