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Pointillism with

Connie Kulhavy

Celebrate Culture Days with Métis artist Connie Kulhavy

Join Connie Kulhavy as she walks you through the creative process behind her art.


Using mixed media and acrylic paint, participants will create their own masterpiece in the style of pointillism to recreate the look of her Flower Beadwork. Materials will be provided.

Workshops are free of charge. Drop in the day of, or reserve your spot below.

Please note workshops are limited to 25 participants per time session.

about the artist


Cree/Métis Artist and Educator Connie Kulhavy blends traditional 

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teachings from her heritage in the Northwest Territories with her contemporary experience. She has beaded over 700 hearts in the last five years, which can be purchased along with her paintings at the Royal Alberta Museum, Bear Claw Gallery, and Strathma.